Welcome to The Glass 🥃

The Glass is an occasional boozeletter from award winning drinks writer Anthony Gladman.

I only publish when I have something to say. I make no promises, nor do I send out filler just to maintain a schedule. I think that’s a win-win for us both.

Judging by past performance you can expect to hear from me about once a month.

I write for people who want to know a bit more about what’s in their glass, or who are wondering what to put in there next.

I like to think I’m saving you from dusty bottles, one drink at a time.

While I love a drink, this isn’t a newsletter about getting drunk.* Instead it’s about finding joy in flavour and giving that joy depth by understanding the drink in front of you.

So what’s in The Glass?

  • Original writing on beer, cider and spirits (but not wine)

  • Out-takes and behind-the-scenes material from my work as a full-time drinks writer (for paid supporters)

  • In-depth guides and tasting notes for specific drinks (also just for paid supporters)

  • Round-ups of the best stuff I’ve found about booze online (sometimes)

  • Cocktail recipes (sometimes) 🍸

You can also sign up to be a Super Supporter and get access to two online tasting sessions each year. While we sip along together you can pick my brains on anything drink related or, if you prefer, just relax and shoot the breeze.

About me

I’m Anthony Gladman, a drinks writer based in London.

In 2022 I won the prestigious Guild of Food Writers Drinks Writing Award. The judges said:

He paints a picture with his words that is wonderfully immersive and makes us want to never stop reading. He writes stories that are compelling, entertaining, precise, rich with hilarity and fizzing with well-researched information about his subject.

Want to see for yourself? Check out some of my published work:

  • Madness and Bitter Fruit — Making Perry in the Shadow of May Hill. Which includes a recount of the time I accidentally got super high at a cider festival.

  • Mizunara Explained — Whisky and other spirits aged in mizunara casks command high prices and are adored by collectors. But what exactly is mizunara oak and is it worth paying more?

  • Can Calvados be the comeback kid? Which wonders why makers of the French apple brandy don’t make a bigger deal about how climate friendly it is — not to mention delicious.

What else? Oh yeah! I know my shit: in 2023 I attained the WSET Level 3 Award in Spirits (with distinction). I’m also is a fully qualified Beer Sommelier, a member of the Guild of Food Writers and the British Guild of Beer Writers.

My first book, GIN A TASTING COURSE, was published by DK Books in 2023.

I live in London with my wife and children. If you see me at the bar I’ll have a dry martini.

* OK there may be the occasional bit about getting drunk. It happens.

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Drinks writer on beer, cider and spirits. Author of Gin A Tasting Course. "He paints a picture with his words that is wonderfully immersive and makes us want to never stop reading."